SQF Food Safety Program and Codes

Our Food Safety Program is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program geared towards businesses looking to satisfy their retailers’ and buyers’ GFSI requirements. Our program includes 13 codes that are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements from all sectors of the food supply chain. These codes provide sites with a HACCP-based approach to ensure that their products meet food safety requirements. 

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SQF offers a food safety certification solution for different industry scopes. To help determine which code(s) and modules apply to your business, we have developed the Code Selector. Select the food sector category that describes your product to find out which code(s), modules, and resources are applicable to your business.

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The SQF Codes

The SQF Codes offer a comprehensive certification system recognized globally, catering to the needs of all food producers and suppliers in the food industry. It emphasizes the systematic application of a risk-based approach like HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) for the identification and management of food safety hazards. By implementing an SQF management system, businesses can address the food safety and quality requirements of buyers and effectively supply both local and global food markets.

The latest version of the SQF Food Safety Codes is Edition 9, which was published in October 2020 and became effective for audits starting on May 24, 2021. Edition 9 consists of 17 industry-specific codes that offer detailed instructions to help production and manufacturing sites achieve SQF Certification. These Edition 9 Food Safety Codes have been in effect since May 24, 2021.

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