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After becoming familiar with the SQF programs and selecting which is best for your business, it is time to register your site. Site registration is handled through the SQF Assessment Database. Site registrations require information such as audit scope, certification body, and facility information. This information can be updated prior to the audit start date.

Certification bodies are licensed by SQFI to conduct SQF audits and issue the SQF Certificate. Certification bodies are the businesses that employ the auditors who conduct site audits. SQFI partners with licensed certification bodies that operate both nationwide and around the globe. Use our Certification Body Directory to find a certification body near you.

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SQF Programs

Apart from our Food Safety Program, which incorporates the SQF Food Safety Codes, we provide specialized certification programs: Fundamentals, Foodservice, Retail, and Quality. Take the time to evaluate each program and determine if it aligns well with your business needs. Need help deciding which code works best for your program? Check out our Code Selector.

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SQF Assessment Database

The SQF Assessment Database is an online platform designed to manage the registration and assessment processes for SQF Certification. It serves as a centralized system where businesses can register their sites, submit documentation, and track their progress towards certification.

The database facilitates communication between the certification bodies, auditors, and businesses seeking certification. It ensures transparency and efficiency throughout the assessment process, allowing for seamless registration and effective management of SQF Certification.

SQF Assessment Database

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A common question is “How long does it take to gain SQF certification?”  The certification process varies based on your organization’s size and operations. Also consider the time it will take to prepare for the audit.

Your certification body will help you determine a target date for completion based on your company’s unique circumstances. A well-prepared site may be ready for certification in a few months, while those just getting started in development of a food safety system will take longer. Understanding your desired target date for certification will influence your plans for preparation and scheduling.

 Site Registration Pricing

Site registration pricing is based on a site’s annual gross revenue or program selected.


ClassificationDescriptionFee (USD)
FundamentalsSuppliers audited under the SQF Fundamentals Code$200
APrimary Producers (farms, ranches, orchards, etc., or FSC 1-6)$200
BSuppliers with a gross revenue of less than 5 million USD $350
CSuppliers with a gross revenue of greater than 5 million and less than 25 million USD$500
DSuppliers with a gross revenue of greater than 25 million and less than 50 million USD$650
ESuppliers with a gross revenue of greater than 50 million USD$750
MMultisite Organization
Central Site
Each Sub-Site

FoodserviceSuppliers audited under the SQF Foodservice Code$250
Food RetailSuppliers audited under the SQF Food Retail Code$250
SQF Quality Audit for Non-SQF SitesSuppliers audited under the SQF Quality Code, but not Food Safety$250
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