SQF Trainers

Licensed SQF trainers are an important part of the SQF certification process, providing guidance to those just starting out with the SQF program. SQF trainers are registered with SQFI and employed by a licensed SQF training center to teach SQF courses. The role of the SQF trainer is to impart knowledge to food safety professionals so that they can build, develop, maintain, or improve their facility’s SQF food safety and/or quality plan. SQF trainers must maintain all standards of client focus, integrity, competency, professionalism, and accountability outlined in the Criteria for SQF Trainers. 

The four-hour SQF Professional Update is a requirement for SQF Professionals seeking annual re-registration with the SQF program.

Trainer Requirements and Registration

The SQF Trainer requirements are outlined in the Criteria for SQF Trainers document. The information below is a summary, but for full requirements, please refer to the Criteria for SQF Trainers document.

To effectively facilitate an understanding of the SQF Food Safety and Quality Codes and the implementation of an SQF food safety and quality system, SQF trainers are competent in training adult learners, possess a strong knowledge of the most current version of the SQF Codes, and have extensive real-world industry experience. 


1. Complete either the “Auditing the SQF Code Requirements” course or the “Implementing SQF Systems” course.

2. Successfully pass either the “Auditing SQF Food Safety Systems” exam or the “Implementing SQF System” exam.

3. Receive HACCP training that meets the definition in the SQF Code.

4. Have two years’ industry experience.