SQF Is Benchmarked By GFSI 

Why Get SQF Certified?

Investing in a strong food safety and quality program is not only about meeting customer or regulatory requirements, but more importantly, it is about protecting your brand, buyers, and bottom line.

SQF Certification offers a comprehensive solution that helps you verify and demonstrate that food safety and quality controls have been effectively implemented, validated, and monitored. The results of a strong SQF Program are safe products, brand confidence, and reassured customers.

SQF Is A Food Safety Standard Benchmarked by GFSI

The SQF Institute has been an active participant in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) since its inception in 2000 and has been benchmarked since 2004 as conforming to the highest international standards, utilizing protocols recognized by the International Accreditation Forum. The SQF Program has been implemented around the globe, with over 13,000 sites certified across six continents—and it is growing.

SQF Certification Benefits

While there are many certification benefits, the significance of obtaining SQF Certification lies in safeguarding your brand, customers, and financial performance. While satisfying customer and regulatory demands is crucial, a robust food safety and quality program provides broader protection.

SQF Certification follows the GFSI benchmarks and delivers a comprehensive solution, ensuring the effective implementation, validation, and monitoring of food safety and quality controls. The outcome is the assurance of safe products, increased brand confidence, and satisfied customers.

Benefits to Certified Sites

The only GFSI-recognized program that applies to the entire supply chain - from farm to fork.
Free downloadable resources including codes, guidance documents, checklists, tip sheets, digital seminars and more.
The only GFSI certification program that has a full-time customer service team.
Reduce recalls and improve traceability while protecting your brand, buyer, and bottom line.
A division of FMI—The Food Industry Association, SQFI has a direct connection to food retailers as well as access to local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.
Listing in the SQF Certified Site Directory 

Benefits to Buyers

Gain confidence in the companies you work with while lessening the likelihood and impact of a recall.
A rigorous, accredited, global program that is benchmarked to GFSI and fulfills most global regulatory requirements.
Our certification program focuses on critical food safety and quality elements such as hazard analysis, risk assessment, and proactive prevention strategies.
Helps reduce assessment inconsistencies and the costs of multiple audits.
Incorporates retailer and buyer feedback.
SQF Supplier Search makes it easy to find an SQF Certified site.

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