Professionals Registration Fee Chart

This chart outlines the application fee, registration fee, and re-registration fee for all SQF professionals. The application fee is paid upon initial application; once the candidate’s application is accepted, a registration fee is applied. An annual re-registration fee is applied each year the registrant seeks re-registration.

Professional Application Fee Registration Fee Re-registration Fee
Auditor $115 (USD) $115 (USD) $175 (USD)
Contract Auditor $115 (USD) $400 (USD) $500 (USD)
Consultant $115 (USD) $400 (USD) $500 (USD)
Contract Trainer $115 (USD) $400 (USD) $500 (USD)
Trainer $115 (USD) $115 (USD) $175 (USD)
Technical Reviewer $115 (USD) $400 (USD) $175 (USD)