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Our SQF community is vital for fostering collaboration and innovation in the food safety industry. We strive to bring our community together through regional events, digital seminars, online testimonials, and newsletters. With these resources, engage our network and work together to protect the global food supply chain.

Becoming a certified site is a clear and manageable process you can feel confident taking on when you choose SQF. The community of SQF professionals will support you in coordinating the right staff, training, and tools to apply the standards to your unique business industry.

 As the largest GFSI-recognized certified program owner (CPO) in North America, SQFI does so much more than write and maintain the SQF Codes. Our robust library of training materials and resources will help you navigate the daunting terrain of certification.

When you select SQFI, we will welcome you into an exclusive network of food safety champions where you can get ongoing guidance and support such as:

  • Resources to support certificate promotion
  • Business development
  • On-demand training and education

When you invest in SQF certification, you also gain access to:

  • 1,000s of practitioners and professionals in the SQF community
  • A network for solution and benchmarking discussions
  • Access to the annual SQF Conference
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