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Select a Certification Body

Researching the right certification body for your organization can help you expedite the preparation and audit process. Once you have become familiar with our codes and programs, selected the best one for your business, and registered with the SQF Assessment Database, you should finalize your certification body selection to ensure your preferred audit dates are available, with enough time in advance to prepare and implement your SQF system.

SQFI-licensed certification bodies conduct SQF audits and issue SQF Certificates. They are accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (or subsequent versions as applicable). Certification bodies are subject to annual assessments of their certification activities by SQFI-licensed accreditation bodies.

SQF Certification Body Directory

Look through the directory of SQF-licensed certification bodies to find one that best suits your organization’s needs. Once you have identified your certification body and have an agreement in place, you can start the audit scheduling process. You must contact your certification body directly to request information for quotation and scheduling. We highly suggest that you remain proactive and work with your certification body to schedule your audit and remain in constant communication.

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Initial Certification Audit

An SQF audit is an assessment by a qualified and registered SQF Auditor selected by the certification body based on your industry scope(s). The audit is conducted to ensure that your SQF system complies with the SQF Code and that your food safety, hygiene, and management activities are carried out according to your documented policies, procedures, and specifications. A full definition of the SQF audit is in each SQF Code Appendix 2: Glossary. Please see our Terms to Know for additional guidance.

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