Auditor, Technical Reviewers, Consultants, and Trainers Directory

This directory showcases auditors, technical reviewers, consultants, and trainers who play a vital role in ensuring food safety and quality at food businesses across the global supply chain.

SQF Auditors, Technical Reviewers, Consultants, and Trainers must either work for a licensed SQF Certification Body as an employee or a subcontractor. Auditors collect objective evidence to evaluate if a site’s food safety and quality system is in compliance with the SQF Food Safety Program. After the auditor completes the audit, the certification body’s technical reviewer checks the audit results and recommends whether an SQF Certificate should be granted.

SQF Consultants and Trainers are crucial in assisting food businesses with implementing and maintaining SQF standards. They provide expertise and guidance in developing food safety and quality management systems, conducting gap assessments, and preparing for SQF Certification audits. Consultants and trainers offer valuable insights, best practices, and training programs to help organizations navigate the complexities of SQF requirements, ensuring compliance and enhancing food safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

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