Integrity Program

Our risk-based Integrity Program monitors and regularly reviews the performance of SQF-registered professionals such as auditors, technical reviewers, consultants, trainers, SQF-licensed Certification Bodies and certified SQF sites. The Integrity Program utilizes audit data and stakeholder feedback to ensure compliance with the SQFI requirements. Our Integrity Program confirms that SQFI meets GFSI requirements and is vital for food safety, quality, and consumer confidence.

Our Integrity Program allows the SQF Program to stand out among certification programs because it includes:

  • Comprehensive standards.
  • Global recognition.
  • Continuous improvement focus.
  • Food safety and quality integration.
  • Supply chain management requirements.
  • Offers customer and consumer confidence.

These factors contribute to our reputation as a leading certification program for ensuring food safety and quality in the food industry. 

In addition, we have a series of normative documents that include the SQF Fundamental Codes, the SQF Food Safety Codes, the SQF Quality Code, SQF Criteria, SQF Policies and Procedures, and Code Amendments. These documents are reviewed, revised, and re-issued as needed to remain current and address stakeholders’ expectations and are publicly available.

Contact Compliance Staff

Tammie Van Buren

Compliance Manager, SQFI

Elizabeth Tierno

Technical Specialist - Compliance, SQFI


Monitoring and Feedback

Monitoring activities and stakeholder feedback are essential to our Integrity Program.


We monitor certification bodies and SQF-certified sites through:

  • Recall reporting.
  • Suspension.
  • Withdrawals.
  • Regulator reviews of audit reports

We also maintain oversight over the SQF-certified Auditors, Technical Reviewers, and SQF professionals through file reviews, complaints, appeals, site surveys, and recall proceedings.


Feedback and comments we receive about the SQF-licensed Certification Bodies, SQF-certified sites, Auditors, Consultants, Training Centers and Trainers are used continuously to improve our program.

We have a series of feedback mechanisms and encourage stakeholders to submit their feedback on all aspects of the SQF program. Complaints and site surveys can be submitted online and anonymously. 


Below are the SQF Integrity Program forms you can submit.

Recall Form

Notify us when there is a food safety event at the facility that requires public notification.

Appeals Form

Appeal a decision by the SQF-licensed Certification Body or auditor performing the audit.


Submit comments or feedback concerning a particular area of the SQF Program.

Supplier Site Survey Form

Submit your annual site survey.

Validation Audits Form

Submit your validation audit.

Change Management

Certification bodies can request date changes for their sites.