Supplier Site Survey 

SQF-licensed Certification Bodies are monitored by SQFI to ensure compliance with the SQF Code, Certification Body Criteria, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17065. Accreditation assessment results and site surveys are reviewed by SQFI to identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement. We provide each Certification Body with an annual report that provides: 

  • A summary of audit information. 
  • Auditor performance. 
  • SQF-certified site recalls. 
  • Ratings and scores from the SQF Site Survey.

SQF-certified suppliers who recently completed an SQF audit may provide feedback on the experience and the performance of the SQF auditor through this survey.   

Use the form below to submit your annual site survey. Form submissions will be delivered to The form is only available in English and all correspondence by SQFI will be conducted in English. 

Contact Compliance Staff

Tammie Van Buren

Compliance Manager, SQFI

Elizabeth Tierno

Technical Specialist - Compliance, SQFI