SQF Packaging Auditor Course

This training program is designed for the candidate seeking qualification to conduct SQF certification audits of food packaging materials. The information covered includes all aspects of food packaging, the food-level risk of the packaging, and compliance with the intended food packaging process and intended use for rigid (plastic, metal, glass), bulk (plastic, fabric), flexible, paper or corrugate, and special packaging.

Course Format

  • Instructor-led.
  • Virtual instructor-led.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an overview of the hazards associated with the most common packaging types (as defined by GFSI) for prospective certification auditors of the SQF packaging standard.
  • Understand the most common sources of food packaging hazards.
  • Learn definitions associated with food-safe packaging.
  • Discuss the history and pertinent global regulatory requirements for the manufacture of food packaging.
  • Prepare to plan and conduct a certification audit against the SQF Food Safety Code for the Manufacture of Food Packaging.