SQF Spotlight - Upcycle Foods and the SQF Code

In the SQF Spotlight, Jonathan Lackie and Stefanie Sonneveld chat with Mariel Nunley of Upcycled Food Association and Kathryn Britton from SQF Certification Body, Where Food Comes From to discuss how combining SQF Food Safety and Quality Certification along with Upcycled Certified creates a strong foundation for maintaining food safety with the benefits of reducing food waste. Upcycled products prevent food waste by creating new, high-quality products out of surplus food.

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This webinar is the third of a four-part series about FSMA Rule 204 and provides information about FDA food traceability tools and resources, along with steps to following a traceability plan. 

Oceania - Welcome
SQF Focus Day Oceania: Welcome, Introductions, and SQF Unites Information Session

This welcome session started off our SQF Focus Day in Oceania on February 8, 2023.