SQF Risk Management: Recall and Crisis Management Programs

Failure to recall or withdrawal a product can lead to serious consequences for public health and safety. It can also damage a company’s reputation if done incorrectly. 

The SQF Code requires sites to have a recall and withdrawal program and to regularly test their program for its effectiveness. 

Taught by an experienced SQF Practitioner, this course will enable you to develop a strong recall and withdrawal program. You will learn how to:

  • differentiate between a recall and withdrawal 
  • identify every step of the recall and withdrawal processes with confidence
  • create and test recall and withdrawal procedures
  • initiate & manage a recall or withdrawal as part of your crisis management program
  • build a stellar recall and withdrawal team based on specific roles & responsibilities

Please note: Subscription for this course ends six months from date of purchase.

  • Learn from a certified SQF Practitioner 
  • Leverage practice scenarios to ensure comprehension and retention
  • Background and Introduction to SQF Recall and Withdrawal Management Programs
  • Problems to Solve: A Labeling Error 
  • Examining the issue – What to Do and How to Tackle Future Issues
  • Practice Scenario
Who is it for?

SQF Practitioners, Quality Assurance Managers, Senior Managers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Quality Managers, Food Production Managers, Food Safety Professionals

Price: $189 (USD)

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