SQF Fundamentals Program - Manufacturing

This code meets the needs of retailers and buyers with small to medium enterprises, providing the essential requirements for building a robust food safety management system. Fundamentals programs at SQFI are available in both basic and intermediate levels to suit a variety of needs. The Fundamentals Manufacturing program is an introduction to the SQF system and does not meet the requirements of a GFSI benchmarked program but can help get sites started on their food safety journey.

Fundamentals for Manufacturing - Basic

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Basic SQF Fundamentals focuses on developing good implementation tools for food safety.

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Fundamentals for Manufacturing - Intermediate

Intermediate SQF Fundamentals builds on the Basic Code, includes implementation tools, and adds more requirements regarding documentation.

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Video Resources

These digital seminars and video recordings can support your SQF Food Retail Program implementation.

Featured Training Courses

We offer online, instructor-led, and self-paced training options.

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Implementing SQF Fundamentals

Offered online and through our global networking of training centers, our implementation courses cover fundamentals, systems, and the SQF Quality Code.

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Implementing SQF Fundamentals - Intermediate Exam

The goal of the “Implementing SQF Fundamentals, Intermediate” examination is to assess the knowledge of the individual responsible for the implementation, maintenance, or assessment of the SQF Fundamentals System.

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