SQF Practitioners

SQF practitioners and substitute practitioners are designated by the site’s senior management to oversee the development, implementation, review, and maintenance of the SQF system. Practitioners and substitute practitioners have the responsibility and authority to take action to ensure the integrity of the SQF system.

Practitioner Requirements and Registration

The requirements of the SQF practitioner are outlined in elements and of the SQF Code. 



The primary and substitute SQF practitioner shall:

  • Be employed by the site.
  • Hold a position of responsibility related to the management of the site's SQF System.
  • Have completed an HACCP training course.
  • Be competent to implement and maintain HACCP-based food safety plans.
  • Have an understanding of the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing and the requirements to implement and maintain an SQF system relevant to the site's scope of certification.

Practitioner Training

SQF practitioners are required to successfully complete HACCP training; training in other food industry disciplines, good manufacturing/distribution/agricultural practices, and internal auditing may also be beneficial. The “Implementing SQF Systems” training course offered by all licensed SQF training centers is not mandatory but is strongly recommended for new practitioners.

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