Auditing the SQF Code Requirements

Taught exclusively by SQFI, this course provides prospective registered SQF-certified auditors and technical reviewers with an understanding of how to apply auditing principles when auditing the SQF Code for site certification.

Course Format

  • 3-session class.
  • Virtual classroom instruction exclusively offered by SQFI.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a clear understanding of the assessment of the SQF Food Safety Code.
  • Describe the differences between second-party and third-party accredited audits.
  • Identify the benefits of third-party accredited certification and GFSI benchmarking.
  • Review the expectations and key competencies required for registration as an SQF food safety auditor.
  • Review the personal behaviors required of a food safety auditor.
  • Review, practice, and confirm your interviewing and report-writing skills.
  • Learn the steps to register to become an SQF food safety auditor and technical reviewer.