SQF Fundamentals Verification Assessment

Embrace your business possibilities with the SQF Fundamentals Verification Assessment for Small Business – A Remote Assessment. This powerful new tool isn’t classified as a standard SQF certification program, but it introduces an innovative approach to advance food safety capabilities. 

Who It's For

The SQF Fundamentals Verification Assessment (FVA) is designed for small food businesses seeking an affordable program that demonstrates readiness to supply safe food products and ingredients to retail, foodservice, and major brands.  

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    Program Goals

    The SQF Remote FVA, hosted in collaboration with EAGLE Certification Group, is distinct from our traditional certifications. It is designed to showcase your facility’s ability to proactively identify, address, and manage potential food safety risks. While it doesn’t replace onsite audits, it offers a unique self-assessment process that demonstrates your dedication to maintaining a safe food environment. 

    Upon completion, you’ll receive a Verification Declaration which signals to your customers that your food safety practices are thoughtfully validated by the EAGLE Certification Group

    • Low Cost of Adoption: FVA is 60% less than the cost of a typical onsite audit.  
    • No Onsite Audit: The site conducts an internal audit to demonstrate the site’s ability to effectively assess food safety risks and implement corrective and preventive measures.   
    • Internal Audit: An internal audit identifies improvements the site needs and the implementation timeline.  
    • Review of Results: A third-party review of results evaluates the effectiveness of the internal audit and the site’s readiness to supply products to retailers accepting this assessment.  
    • Recognition: The site is issued a Verification Declaration to promote their FVA status.



    Assessment Features

    Here's how the Fundamentals Verification Assessment works:

    • Contact EAGLE Certification Group to register for SQF FVA Remote.
    • Use the SQF Fundamentals Basic or Intermediate standard requirements to document your self-assessment or internal audit.
    • Correct any non-conformance identified in the internal self-assessment prior to the remote verification assessment. 
    • Submit the self-assessment checklist to your assessment coordinator with corrections, supporting documents, and photos of the facility operations. 
    • The assessor conducts a half-day remote review of the submitted materials and provides feedback. The assessor will schedule the date with your site to facilitate preparation, document review, and remote observation of your facility. 
    • Respond to feedback to correct any outstanding major issues within 30 days. 
    • Once complete, the assessor will issue a Verification Declaration for the SQF Fundamentals Verification Assessment program. See Exhibit 1 for requirements of the Verification Declaration.  

    Dive Deeper Into SQF Fundamentals Verification Assessment

    These videos go in-depth into the program, benefits for small businesses and lessons learned from implementation.

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