Library of Codes

SQF Food Safety Codes

Our Food Safety Program includes 11 codes that are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements from all sectors of the food supply chain. These codes provide sites with a robust HACCP-based approach enabling them to ensure that their products meet food safety requirements.

By implementing these codes, sites can confidently safeguard the integrity and quality of their food products, fostering trust and satisfaction among their stakeholders.

Code Selector

SQF offers a range of food safety codes tailored to various types of food production businesses. To assist in identifying the specific codes and modules that are applicable to your business, we have created the Code Selector. By selecting the manufacturing business needs and industry scope, you can easily discover the relevant codes, modules, and more that align with your operations.

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The SQF Codes

The SQF Codes meet the needs of all producers in the food industry, featuring an emphasis on the systematic application of risk-based methods such as HACCP for the identification and control of hazards. 

Implementing an SQF management system addresses a buyer’s food safety and quality requirements and provides the solution for businesses supplying local and global food markets. 

The most recent edition of the SQF Codes is the SQF Codes Edition 9, published in October 2020 and effective for all audits on May 24, 2021. Edition 9 is comprised of 11 industry-specific codes that provide step-by-step instructions for production and manufacturing sites to become SQF certified. 

Edition 9 aligns with the latest GFSI benchmarking requirements and is designed to help you meet and exceed industry, customer, and regulatory requirements, so you can remain competitive across sectors.