Food Retail Program

The Food Retail Program was developed and designed by the SQFI Retail Committee; a multi-functional stakeholder group made up of food safety professionals across many organizations in the industry. The committee’s goal in creating this program was to create a retail code for the industry, by the industry.

Who It's For

The SQF Food Retail Program, also known as the SQF Retail Code, is specifically designed for retailers involved in selling food products. This program aims to ensure that retailers have effective food safety management systems to safeguard the products they sell to consumers. 



Program Goals

The Food Retail Program builds transparency for customers and builds internal confidence within a company. The program helps retailers protect their brands through verifying processes and systems, connecting corporate policies to store practices, and allowing retailers to have an accredited third-party certification audit.

Program Features

  • Providing a structured framework to improve food safety within operations. Options for multisites.
  • Relying on HACCP to identify and manage hazards.
  • Evaluating both the corporate function and the food retail site practices. 
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Program Benefits

Overall, the SQF Retail Program significantly benefits retailers, consumers, suppliers, regulatory authorities, and industry stakeholders by enhancing food safety practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting consumer trust and confidence in retail food products.

  • Protects a company's brand.
  • Verifies a company’s processes and systems.
  • Connects corporate policies to store practices.
  • Builds transparency for customers.
  • Builds internal confidence within a company.
  • Allows retailers to have a true third-party certification audit.

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