Quality Program

Our Quality Program is specifically tailored for certified food safety sites or facilities aiming to incorporate quality management principles into their operations. The program promotes the continuous improvement of quality management systems, helping manufacturers enhance their product quality, minimize risks, and maintain consumer confidence.

Who It's For

The Quality Program is ideally suited for sites that have already established a successful and robust food safety plan and are now seeking to effectively monitor and control food quality-related risks.

Note: This program can be seamlessly integrated with an existing food safety plan conducted as an independent audit or as a stand-alone audit.

Program Goals

The Quality Code applies a risk-based method such as Codex HACCP to identify and control quality threats, and includes process controls to monitor product quality, identify deviations from control parameters, and define the corrections necessary to keep processes under control.

By utilizing a risk-based method, the Quality Code allows manufacturers to assess the potential risks associated with their processes and products. This involves identifying critical control points (CCPs) where hazards can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to an acceptable level. In other words, CCPs are specific points in the production process where control measures can be applied to ensure product quality and safety. 

Program Features

The Quality Code emphasizes the importance of process controls. These controls are designed to monitor the quality of products throughout the production process, from raw material sourcing to the final product. By implementing process controls, manufacturers can regularly measure and evaluate their products against predetermined control parameters or specifications.

The Quality Code provides:

  • An additional level of product and brand protection.
  • A systematic approach for manufacturers to ensure that their processes are well-controlled and the products they deliver consistently meet the required quality standards. Sites that achieve and maintain certification using the SQF Quality Code are granted permission by their certification body to use the SQF Quality Shield.