The Inside Scoop: Auditors

Have you ever wanted to sit down and pick the brain of an SQF Auditor? Now is your chance!

“The Inside Scoop: Auditors” is an 80 minute training recording that provides you with practical tips and specific recommendations from top SQF Auditors based on their years of experience working with sites and the SQF Code. In this insightful training, you’ll hear what SQF Auditors would recommend to SQF Practitioners as they prepare for, and go through, an audit.

Developed by SQFI, “The Inside Scoop” training series is your key to unlocking tips and best practices for preparing, implementing, and maintaining the SQF System from top experts in the industry.

The Inside Scoop: Auditors is composed of three modules:

“New SQF Practitioners”

Presented by 2019 SQF Auditor of the Year Shawna Wagner

The first module will help any new Practitioner understand what to expect from an auditor coming on site, how to prepare beforehand, how to handle non-conformances, insights into unannounced audits, and expectations of the Backup Practitioner.

“A Deeper Dive Into the Code”

Presented by SQF Auditor & Trainer Kimberly Bukowski, Cornell University

The second module focuses on Section 2 of the code and highlights common questions an auditor will ask during an audit. The examples given cover a wide range of topics including food safety culture, environmental monitoring, customer complaints, and much more to help you prepare for your audit.

“Working Together to Make It Happen”

Presented by 2018 SQF Auditor of the Year Alan Baumfalk

The third module covers 10 critical insights Alan has refined in his long career as an auditor and the thousands of hours spent conducting audits.

Languages Offered

English (EN-US), Spanish (ES-US)

About Your Certificate

By completing this training, you will earn a Certificate of Completion. You can download and print this certificate any time, as many times as you need, through your Zosi Learner Portal. All Zosi Learning certificates include a unique certificate ID and proprietary validation method that allows auditors and others to verify your certificate.

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