SQF Risk Management: Food Defense Program

Food defense, the effort to prevent intentional contamination of food products, is a major part of the SQF Program. In this course learn the crucial role of food defense in keeping products safe. Understand the steps in building a robust food defense program, testing that program, and integrating the program with other food safety measures.

This course will give you an inside look at the key differences between food fraud and food defense, the impact a food defense plan can have on a business, where food defense lies within a food safety management program, and the expectations for food defense at an SQF-certified site. 

Not having an adequate food defense program can cost your business millions and seriously harm your customers. Start this course today to keep your consumers safe and your business protected.

Please note: Subscription for this course ends six months from date of purchase.

  • Real example of a food defense issue and the consequences that followed
  • Review the TACCP and FDA AI Rule for complete approaches to plan development
  • Determining your vulnerabilities and potential threats
  • Interactive videos throughout the course
  • Detailed advice for assessing and managing risks
  • Evaluate the FDA rules and regulations
  • FDA’s FSMA rule
  • All recommendations for implementation are mapped out at the end for you
  • Introduction to SQF Risk Management: Food Defense Program
  • A Problem to Solve: The Difference Between Food Defense and Food Fraud
  • Examining the Issue: Developing an Effective Food Defense Plan
  • A Practice Scenario
  • Conclusion
Who is it for?

SQF Practitioners, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Managers, Food Production Managers, Food Safety Professionals, Production Supervisors, Line Supervisors, Maintenance Managers

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