SQF Risk Management: Data Insights for Risk Management

Risk assessments are the backbone of any functioning food safety system. 

The SQF Code is a risk-based program focused on the identification and mitigation of food safety hazards derived from a risk assessment. Using a risk mindset, sites can apply available data to assess potential hazards and reduce risks. 

This session is focused on building a risk mindset at your site to assist in implementing a sound food safety system. 

You will dive into:

  • reviewing the basics of a risk assessment
  • using available data to assess risk
  • applying a risk mindset to manage food safety hazards

  • Leverage practice scenarios to ensure comprehension and retention
  • Learn directly from SQFI technical staff
  • Introduction to the Risk Assessment Process
  • Defining the Risk Matrix at Your Facility
  • Building a Written Risk Assessment
  • Review Sample Questions to Help Define Scope
  • Example Scenario: Pallet Racking
  • How to Quantify and Rate Your Risk
  • How to Adopt a Risk Mindset
Who is it for?

HACCP Food Safety Team Members, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Leaders, Plant & Production Managers, SQF Practitioners, Consultants, Maintenance Managers

Price: $189 (USD)

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