SQF Risk Management: Raw and Finished Product Specifications


How will you know what to produce unless it is defined? How will your suppliers know what ingredients or raw materials to provide unless you tell them? 

The SQF Code requires sites to develop and keep current specifications for all finished products, raw materials, agricultural inputs, and packaging. 

Register today for SQF’s Raw and Finished Product Specifications course to learn exactly how to curate each and every one of the SQF required specifications for raw and finished product specifications. You will learn how to:

  • define the who, what, where, and why for your product specifications
  • build effective product and service specifications 
  • document how your specifications are developed and managed
  • validate and verify raw material, finished product, and service specifications

Please note: Subscription for this course ends six months from date of purchase.


  • Leverage practice scenarios to ensure comprehension and retention
  • Learn from a certified SQF Practitioner
  • Introduction to SQF Risk Management: Raw and Finished Product Specifications
  • A Problem to Solve: Developing Specifications
  • Examining the Issue
  • A Practice Scenario 
  • Raw Materials
  • Finished Product Specifications 
  • Services
Who is it for?

SQF Practitioners, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Managers, Food Production Managers, Food Safety Professionals, Production Supervisors, Line Supervisors, Maintenance Managers

Price: $189 (USD)

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