Implementing SQF Fundamentals Exam

The SQF Fundamentals Program is designed to help small to medium sites integrate robust food safety standards into existing practices, while creating a pathway to achieving globally accepted GFSI certification. The goal of the product-thumb-SQF-fundamentals-examImplementing SQF Fundamentals, Intermediate Examination is to assess the knowledge of the individual responsible for the implementation, maintenance or assessment of the SQF Fundamentals System.

The examination consists of sixty (60) multiple choice items. The online examinee is given three (3) attempts to successfully complete the examination within a fourteen (14) day timeframe. A time limit of sixty (60) minutes is given to complete each attempt of the examination.

The content of the exam items is taken from the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing/Primary Production, Intermediate, edition 1:

  • Part A
  • System Elements (Module 2)
  • Overlapping topics from Modules 7 and 11 which have been “genericized” so as not to be specific to a particular industry sector.

A certificate of attainment is available to print from the Course Portal upon successful completion of the examination. The successful completion of the examination results when the examinee achieves a passing score of seventy-five percent (75%) or higher.

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