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Robert L. Garfield – Senior Vice President and Chief Food Safety Assessment Officer

LeAnn Chuboff – Vice President, Technical Affairs

John F. Schulz – Senior Director of Business Operations

Sarah Malenich –  Director, Marketing and Sales

Kristie Grzywinski – Senior Technical Manager

Chris Sinclair – Compliance Manager

Daniel Akinmolayan-Database Manager

Leslie Jones – Marketing Specialist

Jeanette Litschewski – Specialist – SQFI Technical Affairs

Wade Naughton – Customer Service Administrator/Database and IT (USA)

Kathy Chiao – Customer Service Administrator/Marketing (USA)

Emilia Torres-Sanchez  –  Customer Service Administrator/Business and Finance  (USA)

Luis Cruz – Mexico Representative

Frank Schreurs – Canada, Pacific Northwest U.S.A Representative

Bill McBride – Australia and Asia-Pacific Representative

Karina Rego –  Customer Service Administrator (AU)

Sarah Wu – Taiwan, China and Japan Representative