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Below is a list of SQF Courses. Some courses are available both online or through instructor-led training.

List of SQF Courses

Implementing SQF Systems Course

The first step in achieving SQF certification is to clearly understand the SQF Food Safety Code. The course is recommended for sites seeking certification,consultants, trainers, and anyone interested in learning about the SQF Program. The Implementing SQF Systems training course helps sites and individuals understand the Food Safety Code so an effective SQF System can be implemented. To fit all learning styles, this course is available in both classroom style instructor-led and online format.

Classroom-based instruction is offered by registered SQF Trainers working with licensed SQF Training Centers who offer the 2-day class.

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SQF Quality Systems

The SQF Quality Systems course
• clarifies the relationship between safety and quality,
• explains process variation,
• how to use data to understand your system,
• how to prevent defects with statistical process controls,
and more.

The SQF Quality Systems for Manufacturing training course is intended for quality, technical and managerial staff working in food manufacturing who seeks to understand and differentiate between food safety management and quality management, and who are intending to implement the SQF Quality Code, edition 8.

Course attendees must have successfully completed examinable HACCP training, and either Implementing SQF Systems training (minimum: edition 7) or Auditing SQF Systems/Lead SQF Auditor training (minimum: edition 7).

Classroom-based instruction is offered by registered SQF trainers working under licensed SQF Training Centers who offer the 2-day class around the world and right in your own facility.

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Advanced SQF Practitioner Course

Advanced SQF Practitioner Course
The Advanced SQF Practitioner Course is designed for the current SQF practitioner seeking further information on how to improve and maintain the site’s SQF System.

Through activity-based instruction, the course
• provides the tools practitioners need to use the internal audit program to manage, maintain and enhance the site’s SQF System;
• harness the corrective action/preventive action process to identify trends and build continuous improvement;
• communicate with senior management to more fully define the site’s commitment to food safety;
• and develop and prioritize key performance indicators to assure continuous improvement of the SQF System.

To ensure the practitioner obtains an optimal learning experience and fully benefits from this course, it is recommended that participants complete the following prerequisites prior to attending the course:
• at least one successful (C-complies rating or higher) SQF certification/ recertification process as the designated SQF practitioner
• a HACCP training class that includes a final assessment
• the Implementing SQF Systems examination

The two-day Advanced SQF Practitioner course is offered exclusively through approved trainers who can offer the course around the world and in your facility

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Auditing SQF Systems Course

This competency-based course provides prospective SQF technical reviewers and auditors with the foundational knowledge of the SQF Food Safety Code. The course is based on the lead auditing principles documented in ISO 19011 and the technical elements of the SQF Food Safety Code.

Participants of this course will master:
• the steps and components of an SQF food safety certification audit;
• organize and lead an SQF food safety certification audit;
• objectively assess a food safety system and determine conformance and non-conformance to the SQF Food Safety Code; write clear and concise objective evidence;
• respectfully communicate with the auditee and the auditor on behalf of the certification body;
• appropriately demonstrate the principles of auditing as outlined in ISO 19011;
• understand the SQF auditor registration criteria.

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Please note that the Auditing SQF Systems course is exclusively offered by SQFI.

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