Certification Bodies

Certification bodies are licensed by SQFI to conduct SQF audits and issue the SQF certificate. Certification bodies are the businesses that employ the auditors that conducts site audits.  SQFI licensed certification bodies are required to be accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (or subsequent versions as applicable) and be subject to annual assessments of their certification activities by SQFI licensed accreditation bodies.

SQFI partners with licensed Certification Bodies (CB) that operate both nationwide and around the globe! Use our interactive map to find a CB near you.

Become a Licensed Certification Body

Certification Body Criteria

Certification Bodies (CB) that wish to become licensed to audit against the SQF Code and issue certificates must first be accredited by an Accreditation Body (AB)who is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and approved by the SQFI.

They must also demonstrate that they meet the requirements of ISO/IEC Guide 17065/IEC:2012 meet the standards outlined in Criteria for SQF Certification Bodies complete a Certification Body Application



Application Process

Application Process

If you would like to discuss becoming an SQF Licensed Certification Body, please contact us for an application.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed by a review board for completeness and accuracy. A conference call may be scheduled as necessary to discuss the application in more detail.

Once an application is approved, a license agreement will be presented for co-signing by both parties and an invoice will be issued to the newly licensed Certification Body. Fees are dependent on the territory in which audits will be conducted:

Regional:  IE. North America – $10,312.50 USD/ 3 year term
Zone: IE. North America, South America, Central America – $20,625.00 USD/ 3 year term
Global: IE. All countries $41,250.00 USD/ 3 year term

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