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Tokyo Sustainability Addendum

August 1, 2019

Do you need to demonstrate your products are safe and sustainable? Here’s how SQFI can help!

SQFI has developed the Tokyo Sustainability Addendum (TSA) to supplement the SQF Primary Production Code that will help you meet the stringent requirements prescribed by the Tokyo Organizing Committee (TOC).

The SQF Food Safety Code for Primary Production with the TSA has been recognized as a procurement standard for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

However the application goes beyond 2020.  The SQF Code with the TSA supplement is a robust and comprehensive food safety and sustainability management system for primary production which will enhance primary production for many years to come.

The Tokyo Sustainability Addendum Covers: 

    • Production of livestock (beef cattle, dairy cattle, chickens and pigs)
    • Growing and production of fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts
    • Extensive broad-acre agricultural operations including rice production

How to Get Certified: 

Growers and producers will need to achieve and maintain certification to the SQF Food Safety Code for Primary Production & the SQF Tokyo Sustainability addendum (TSA)

For more information on how to get started, contact:

Inquiries in Japanese: Noriko Nakama – nnakama@sqfi.com

Inquiries in English: Bill McBride – bmcbride@sqfi.com.au

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Download the SQF Code for Primary Production & Tokyo Sustainability Addendum:




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