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Stakeholder Feedback

The feedback and comments we receive about the SQF licensed CBs, SQF certified suppliers, auditors, consultants, training centers and trainers are used to continuously improve our program. We welcome and appreciate your input. There are several ways to provide feedback to the SQF Program.

SQF Certified Supplier Survey

This survey is designed for the SQF certified supplier who has recently completed an SQF audit and wants to provide feedback on the supplier audit experience and the performance of the SQF auditor.

SQF Buyer Survey

The survey is designed to allow the SQF buyer to provide us their experience working with SQF audit report and certified supplier.

Feedback and Complaints

All comments or feedback concerning a particular area of the SQF Program, including SQF licensed certification bodies, SQF licensed training centers, SQF registered auditors, SQF registered consultants and/or SQF certified suppliers should be submitted to SQF by email. Please send an email to with any feedback, comments or concerns. We also welcome feedback regarding any webinars or events we have held.

Submit a Formal Complaint

Formal complaints will be handled by the SQF compliance committee as outlined in the SQF complaint procedure. Related personnel will be contacted based on the nature of the complaint.

For further information regarding the SQF compliance and integrity program, please contact:

Chris Sinclair, Compliance Manager