SQFI Food Service Program

From Gate to Plate…

In partnership with the National Restaurant Association, SQFI has developed a unique solution for those in the Food Service industry to reduce and eliminate food safety risks. The SQFI Food Service Program is a third-party audit that was created to provide the Food Service Industry with the tools to build a proactive, rather than reactive, food safety management system at all their locations.

This program incorporates food safety roles from the top of the corporate chain down to each specific site location with a heavy emphasis on management and creating a thriving food safety culture within the company. The Food Service Code provides structured guidance to make implementation accessible, attainable, and easy to understand.

The SQFI Food Service Program was developed in conjunction with food safety experts in the Food Service Industry. Not only does this provide heavy insight into the challenges and needs of the Food Service Industry, it also allows this Code to meet the rigorous requirements of GFSI Benchmarking – making this standard globally accepted.

Who It’s For:

  • Restaurants; including corporate, full service, quick service, chains, independent, and franchisees
  • Commissaries
  • Health care
  • Catering
  • Foodservice (academics)
  • Flight Service

Why You  Need It:

  • Promotes a continuous improvement culture and mindset
  • Allows you to create a food safety culture and program that will reduce and eliminate food safety risks
  • Proactive versus Reactive approach to keep your chain off the “Breaking News”
  • Flexible; which allows each site to build their own food safety system
  • Fosters food safety culture through the role of management
  • Structured guidance to make it easy to understand and implement food safety programs and practices

How You Can Benefit from it:

  • Built under the trust and credibility of the SQF brand for developing food safety and quality standards
  • Audit will evaluate policies from corporate down to the operations at individual sites
  • Can be used for internal and external inspections
  • Implementation tools and training are available to assist in understanding and implementing the Code requirements.
  • Options for multi-sites to accommodate large corporations

Why It Puts You Ahead of the Rest:

  • Meets the requirements of the GFSI benchmarking requirements document for Foodservice and Catering
  • Accredited, and meets the requirements of global stakeholders through GFSI

Download the Code and Get Started:



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FoodService Program Resources

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheet 1Getting Started
Tip Sheet 2Overview of GFSI
Tip Sheet 3Management Commitment
Tip Sheet 4Internal Audit Plan
Tip Sheet 5Supplier Approval Program
Tip Sheet 6Verification and Validation
Tip Sheet 7Document Control and Records
Tip Sheet 8Personal Hygiene Plan
Tip Sheet 9Allergen Management
Tip Sheet 10Cleaning
Tip Sheet 11Product Identification, Trace and Recall

Self-Study Guide