Who’s Attending

SQF Global is a new online event opportunity to unify a dynamic food safety community of food producers, retailers and service innovators.

With more than 10,000 SQF certified sites on the map, partners in two hemispheres, SQF Global will bring together worldwide food safety decision makers to address shared challenges and opportunities—together.

Join us, you’ll be in good company.

We are expecting a strong combination of:

  • Food Industry Manufacturers, Producers and Growers 
  • SQF Practitioners
  • SQF Professionals (Auditors, Trainers, Consultants)
  • Food Retailers & Foodservice Professionals 
  • Product and Service Solution Providers

Why I am excited for SQF Global:

“With a flexible learning schedule, multiple times to attend sessions, a variety of informative and “current” sessions, and information being presented in multiple languages – there is no better time than now to participate in SQF Global!”

Michelle E. Anselment, MS, RD, CP-FS, LD, VP/COO, Night Hawk Frozen Foods, Inc

Sample Attendee Professional Titles & Areas:

  • Director, Quality Control
  • QA Technical Manager
  • Senior Director, Food Safety and Quality
  • Plant Quality manager
  • Director, Plant Operations
  • Technical Training Manager
  • QA Manager/SQF Practitioner
  • FSQA Manager
  • VP Technical Services and Business Development