SQF Unites Thought Leadership Series

The SQF Unites Thought Leadership Series, brought to you by our sponsors, provides an opportunity for participants to savor a cornucopia of food safety topics in bite-sized portions. Grab a bite to eat and join industry thought leaders for our 20-30 minute Breakfast and Lunch Bites mini-sessions. And participate in our fast-paced “FIVE BY FIVE” (5 slides in 5 minutes) session to hear perspectives on the latest food safety issues and challenges.



12:50 PM

Sustainability and Food Safety – Finding the Right Balance

Bureau Veritas

Kris Middleton, Food Program Manager, Bureau Veritas

As consumers demand greater transparency about the health, environmental and ethical implications of the food they purchase, manufacturer sustainability efforts will become increasingly vital to brand growth. Get an overview of prominent sustainability initiatives within the food industry and their associated risks and learn how to become a more sustainable company without jeopardizing your food safety systems.

1:10 PM

Food Packaging: Dos and Don’ts to Protect Your Brand and Consumers

Joe Wieland, Food Packaging Auditor, EAGLE Certification Group
Anne Cooper, Food Technical Manager, EAGLE Certification Group

See examples of packaging defects and learn which components of packaging to check to ensure the food safety of your product.  Discover how to manage packaging changeovers to ensure label accuracy and compliance with SQF Code Edition 9 requirements.



10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Continued Improvement of Your SQF System for Sustained Success

Colin Christmas, Managing director, EAGLE Certification Group
Anne Cooper, Food Technical Manager, EAGLE Certification Group

Continued improvement is more than just determining the root cause of non-conformities and subsequent corrective actions. Discover how communication, management reviews, internal audits, managing resources and validation and verification activities can also contribute to improving the efficacy of your SQF system. Gain insight on how improvement works in a Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) Cycle and how senior site management can focus on delivering against customer and stakeholder expectations for sustained success.

Top Audit Mistakes and How to Correct Them: An Auditor’s Perspective

Brian Neal, Technical Manager, Eurofins Food Assurance
Renee Hennigan, Strategic Account Manager, Eurofins Food Assurance

Gain insight from audit experts on the top issues that slow down or stop the audit process as well as the top SQF Code non-conformances. Get an auditor’s perspective on developing and implementing an effective correction plan.


11:45 AM -12:05 PM

Food Allergens – Tackling an Ever-Evolving Challenge in Food Manufacturing

Tracie Sheehan, VP Technical Services, Mérieux NutriSciences

As the prevalence of food allergies continues to grow, food regulatory agencies have imposed new labeling rules including the FASTER ACT, declaring sesame as the 9th major allergen in the U.S. Get an overview of the most recent allergen data and trends in food recalls and hear about new allergen testing methodologies

12:05 PM -12:25 PM

How to Make Food Safety Smarter

Prasant Prusty, Founder and CEO, Smart Food Safe

There’s a smart way to do everything – why not food safety? Learn how technology innovation can improve food safety compliance, accelerate decision-making and take your food safety program to the next level.

12:25 PM – 12:45 PM

Food Safety and Sustainability: Using the SQF Quality Code to Drive a Culture of Commitment

Frank Schreurs, Director of Strategic Accounts SCS Global Services

Gain insight into elements of the quality code that can be used to incorporate sustainability KPIs and simplify the system of monitoring and measurement and improving outcomes. Learn how sustainability is supported by a GFSI benchmarked certification.


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

This fast-paced session will introduce you to a variety of industry topics in a 5 x 5 format (5 slides in 5 minutes).

5 Ways to Improve Your Audit Experience With Your Auditor and Certification Body

Frank Schreurs, Director of Strategic Accounts SCS Global Services

Transparency and independence are at the heart of a good audit, regardless of the results. Hear 5 tips to reach that goal that will also improve audit efficiency for both you and your CB/Auditor.

Protect Your Brand with Supplier Risk Management

Timothy Ryan, SGS North America

Properly managing your suppliers protects both your brand and reputation. Learn how to ensure that your supply chain partners consistently comply with your high standards of quality, safety, security, or environmental and social matters and actively support your values.

Proficiency Testing – What it is and Why You Need it

Carousel Logo

Jessie Presswood, Proficiency Testing Specialist, LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing

Get an overview of what proficiency testing is, the benefits it provides to your quality systems and how it relates to SQF certification requirements.

Food Labeling Compliance Solutions

Megan Murphy, Business Development Specialist, Eurofins Food Assurance
Dr. Jennifer Willig, Senior Consultant, Eurofins Food Assurance

Learn how to ensure food labeling compliance in a world of ever-evolving regulations and highly complex global supply chains. Gain insight on bioengineered verification and labeling solutions as well as food labeling resources, training, and consultation options.

Leveraging Data to Predict and Mitigate Supply Chain Food Safety Risks

Gary Smith, Vice President, Food Safety, FoodChain ID

As food supply chains adjust to the post-COVID economic recovery, what does data reveal as the biggest ingredient threats over the past six months? Get a summary of supply chain food safety risk data from global incident reports for microbiological, pesticides, allergens, and other contaminants and how it can be used to predict future risks. Discover the value of using data-driven supply chain risk assessment for sourcing and quality assurance decisions.

Benefits of Automating the Audit Process

SafetyChain Logo

Shamonique Schrick, FSQA Solutions Architect, SafetyChain Software

Learn how to identify and implement technology solutions that will help streamline the audit preparation process while complying with regulatory requirements.

How to Protect Supply Chain Integrity Using Ingredient Standards

Dr. Tracie Sheehan, Vice President, Technical Services, Mérieux NutriSciences

Ensuring the overall reliability of the food supply system depends on the integration of multiple control strategies including information systems and leveraging global information on recalls and food fraud to implement best practices. Learn why ingredient standards play an essential role in protecting the integrity and safety of the food supply chain and how sites can use ingredient standards as part of their supply chain control program.

7 Questions to Ask Senior Management about Supporting the SQF Program

Anne Cooper, Food Technical Manager, EAGLE Certification Group
Joe Wieland, SQF Packaging Auditor, EAGLE Certification Group

Many people are uneasy interviewing senior management about their support of the SQF program. Veteran EAGLE SQF Auditor Joe Wieland will present his “7 Questionable Questions” he asks senior management to measure management’s support of SQF at a facility.

Food Fraud: Best Practices for Assessing Vulnerability and Mitigating Risk

Mark Morales, Corporate Accounts Director, Lloyd’s Register

Learn the top five elements of food and beverage supply chain to consider when assessing food fraud vulnerability and how to take a proactive approach to addressing food fraud risk.



Engaging Senior Management Support With Effective Management Reviews

Jeff Chilton – VP of Consulting Services, Alchemy Systems

Make a bigger impact with your Management Reviews! Get Senior Management engaged and enthusiastic about providing all the resources needed for SQF system success. During these challenging times of labor shortages and cost reductions, learn how to make the best use of these required processes.


Are You Ready for FDA’s Traceability Mandate?

Derek Hannum – SVP, Customer Success, ReposiTrak

FDA’s proposed ruling (FSMA 204) mandating end-to-end tracking of lot code data to be implemented no later than November 2022, presents the food industry with a daunting task. Get an overview of the scope of the challenge faced by the entire food supply chain, specifically wholesalers, retailers and suppliers, and discover a low cost and easy to implement solution to help meet and exceed the proposed FSMA 204 requirements.