SQF Global Town Hall

Your Food Safety Questions, Answered.

We have all faced extraordinary challenges this year that has disrupted our routines. You are not alone – so why not come share how you, your family, and your colleagues have been taking on these hurdles.

What is the SQF Global Town Hall?

This year’s town hall will feature guest speakers from outside the food safety industry. We have invited subject matter experts from the legal, business, and technology fields to provide unique insights into the challenges we face as an industry.

How will the SQF Global Town Hall work and how can I participate?

The town hall will be hosted by SQFI’s LeAnn Chuboff, VP of Technical Affairs, and Bill McBride, Asia-Pacific Representative. We have invited Belinda Hazell, Principal Consultant at Optimum Standard, Bill Marler, Attorney and national expert in food safety at The Food Safety Law Firm, and Sheronda Jeffries, Strategic Relationship Lead at QuEST Forum to answer your questions alongside LeAnn and Bill.

Together, our experts will discuss topics ranging from organizational and food safety culture to sustainability – and everything in between. All you need to do is send us your questions!

Join us on Wednesday, October 28th at 6:00PM – 7:30PM ET to hear the answers to your questions. (See translated agendas for your local time)

Sample Topics to Consider:

  • Organizational Culture
  • Food Safety Culture
  • Trust in the certification process
  • Remote Audits & Use of ICT
  • Future of Certification
  • Crisis Management
  • Pandemic & Extraordinary Events
  • Changes in the Supply Chain Post-pandemic
    • Eating Out vs Eating In
    • International vs Local Supply Chains
  • Sustainability

How to Submit Your Questions:

We have made submissions short and simple to accommodate your busy schedule. We are accepting questions via 3 different channels – all of which will only take 5 minutes of your day:

  1. E-mail: Send us an email at info@sqfi.com with your question in text form or as a video recording.
  2. #IamSQF VideoBooth: Use our built-in #IamSQF videobooth platform to submit your question.
  3. LinkedIn: Drop us a DM on LinkedIn or create a post tagging @SQF Institute with your question.