Success cannot happen in a silo

We are grateful for the many companies that continue to support the SQF Program.

During the event, attendees will have opportunities to connect with thought leadership from the 40+ SQF Unites sponsors and exhibitors.

Attendees can find these companies involved in aspects of the education program (Breakfast Bites & SQF 5×5 Talks (5 slides in 5 minutes)), and more.

You can join in at a variety of sponsorship levels and/or as an exhibitor.

19 opportunities available for exhibitors and sponsors to be involved in presentations.

Sessions are only available to paid sponsors or exhibitors based on an application process. Priority will be given to those in the order of application received. We will begin to schedule in early August 2022. Sponsors and Exhibitors are eligible for but not guaranteed a slot.

Breakfast Bites (12 available):
15-minute presentation during the breakfast period on Tuesday, November 8.

5×5( 5 Slides in 5 minutes) (9 available):
5-minute presentation with maximum 5 slides.

Questions? Contact Margaret Core at