Success cannot happen in a silo

We are grateful for the many companies that continue to support the SQF program. We have announced that the next time we will host SQF Unites is early in 2024. For 2023, we are going to host a year-round sponsorship program so you and your teams can participate in a variety of events.

Over the past year we’ve grown to more than 11,000 sites across the globe. That’s even more people to share with, more connections to make, more conversations to have.

As we wrapped up Orlando, we wanted to continue how we carry this energy and sense of community into 2023. That’s why next year we’ll be meeting the community where they are, creating more opportunities to connect through a series of regional events and virtual discussions under a new program called SQF365.

The 2022 Sponsor and/or Exhibitor have first review of the program. The 2023 SQF365 Sponsorship packet and contract is located here.

The SQF365 program will include virtual digital seminars, regional focus days, getting started sessions and other meaningful interactions on timely topics and will offer our entire global community more touchpoints, greater accessibility, and more conversation.

And in 2024 we’ll be hosting a new SQF Unites experience in the first part of the year. Once we have reviewed the 2022 SQF Unites attendee survey, we will have more insights into the location of the 2024 SQF Unites.

For questions and follow up, contact Margaret Core. We look forward to continuing our conversations through SQF365 next year.