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$100 off Special Discount for SQF Unites Registrants

The ongoing globalization of our food supply chain requires us to regularly review and update the SQF Code so we can continue to evolve alongside the global marketplace.

Edition 9 aligns with the latest GFSI benchmarking requirements and is designed to help you meet and exceed all industry, customer, and regulatory requirements, so you can remain competitive across sectors.

Edition 9 for Audits began May 24, 2021. Companies using SQF Code to achieve the highest level of food safety management practices are leaders in the industry and trusted partners of retailers and consumers.

$500 Value for $400

We are in partnership with SQF online training partner, Alchemy, on the new training platform, Zosi. If you register for SQF Unites, you have the option to purchase a $500 online training credit for $400 through your registration process.

You will be sent a voucher for $500 to use for an SQF Course on Zosi. The voucher can be transferred to a colleague of your choice.