Collaboration Rooms

Bring Your Colleagues Together on a Global Stage

At SQF Global, we encourage you to connect and collaborate with your peers in the food industry around the world. One of the ways in which we’re making this possible is through Collaboration Rooms.

What are Collaboration Rooms?

SQF Collaboration Rooms provide an opportunity for attendees to gather in a virtual meeting space to discuss topics of interest or engage in networking activities. Collaboration rooms:

  • are 45 minutes each.
  • can accommodate 25 to 45 people.
  • allow up to 25 attendees to be on webcam.
  • allows participants flexibility to join or leave as they wish
  • can be hosted by a facilitator or open for general discussion between participants

When do they take place?

There are two time slots per day scheduled for these rooms:

Global Collaboration Rooms
Available Rooms: 30 rooms | Participant Capacity: 45 participants
These take place early evening for the Americas and morning in Asia-Pacific. They are intended for the entire global audience and therefore take place during a period that is most convenient for all time zones.

Asia/Australasia Collaboration Rooms
Available Rooms: 30 rooms per slot | Participant Capacity: 25 per room
These take place in the morning / early afternoon and are intended for the Asia-Pacific audience.

What topics will be discussed?

There may be as many as 180 topics over the course of 3 days. Sample topics include:

  • Food Safety Culture
  • Cannabis as an Edible
  • The SQF Quality Code
  • Bridging the Gap Between Retailer and Supplier
  • Challenges of Implementing SQF in China
  • Doing Business with US Companies

Who can facilitate a Collaboration Room?

Anyone who is registered for SQF Global! We especially encourage participants from countries where English is not the first language to facilitate a discussion in their native language.

Will simultaneous interpretation into other languages be provided?

Simultaneous interpretation will not be provided, however, the facilitator can opt to lead the discussion in another language.

Sample Collaboration Room Layout: