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SQF Celebrates with GFSI – World Food Safety Day 5 Days, 5 Videos, 5 Calls to Action

June 5, 2020

We are supporting and celebrating GFSI with 5 days of messages to support the second-ever UN World Food Safety Day beginning 7th June.

What better time than now to highlight that Food Safety is Everyone’s Business, the theme for the 2020 edition. Each video comes with a question for stakeholders and we invite you to participate in all five!

  1. Ensure it’s safe
    Governments must ensure safe and nutritious food for all.
  2. Grow it safe [
    Agriculture and food producers need to adopt good practices.
  3. Keep it safe
    Business operators must make sure food is safe.
  4. Eat it safe
    All consumers have a right to safe, healthy and nutritious food.
  5. Team up for food safety
    It’s a shared responsibility.

We invite you to engage with us throughout the GFSI campaign this week on our YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn! We are keeping an eye out for your messages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, with the hashtags #WorldFoodSafetyDay and #GFSI. And stay tuned for a special mashup video on Sunday!

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