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Spring is a Time for Growth and New Developments at SQFI!

March 14, 2019

Spring is coming and that means new and fresh things are popping up and starting to grow. This is also true at SQFI! This month we’re introducing in our newsletter a new section that will cover SQFI department updates, the SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice, and new relationships and brand building we did at the 2019 GFSI Conference and EXPO ANTAD.

SQFI is excited to announce that in partnership with the National Restaurant Association, we’ve been working on developing the SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice. This Code will provide a solution for the restaurant and foodservice industry to assess both their corporate and restaurant food safety systems. The Program will enhance food safety commitment and provide a needed solution for restaurant certification. The SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice will incorporate the food safety role at all levels of the organization – corporate down to the restaurant/site, be under the SQFI brand of Food Safety Codes, and meet the requirements of the GFSI benchmarking requirements document for foodservice and catering.

The project will be completed in time for the National Restaurant Association show in May, 2019 and include the development of the following:
• Part A: Implementing and Maintaining the SQF Code;
• System Elements (Formerly Level 2); and
• GRP sections (module16)
• Multi-site option
• Glossary

We welcome your comments and suggestions. The draft version of the SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice can be found on sqfi.com or by following this link. Please provide your comments on the documents in email format and send info@SQFI.com with the subject line: “Edition 8 Comments.” We cannot accept comments in any other format.

We will close off comments by COB, April 11th (EST) so that we can review, and adjust the draft for release of the completed SQF Codes by May 1st.

We look forward to your input, and thank you for your on-going support of the SQF Program.

The following documents are available for review and feedback:
SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice, system elements and module 16
SQF Food Safety Code, appendix 2, Glossary
SQF Food Safety Code, Appendix 4, Requirements for Multi-sites

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