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Prevent and Manage Risk with the SQF Practitioner Training Program: Approved Supplier Program Course

September 10, 2021

Train and Gain More Quality Outcomes with an Approved Supplier Program

Suppliers of materials, inputs and services to sites are integral partners in the site’s ability to consistently produce products that meet food safety expectations in the marketplace. These expectations come from regulators, customers and finally consumers. Per the site’s food safety plan, these materials, inputs and services are assessed for food safety hazards that may be inherent in them or have a reasonable likelihood of occurring prior to receipt and use at the site in the formation of products being sold. Regardless of where the site is situated in the food supply chain, these suppliers need to be managed. 

Establishing an approved supplier program helps to ensure that all incoming materials, inputs, goods, products for resale and services meet specifications and are safe. An approved supplier program outlines procedures and controls implemented by the site to assure the safety of incoming goods and services. It may be based on the risks presented by the material/input or based on historical performance or prior history of the supplier to the site. 

When it comes to understanding and effectively implementing the SQF Code Edition 9, we want to ensure you’re equipped with the best resources and knowledge as you work toward achieving and maintaining SQF Certification. To make things easier, we’ve just launched an online training series as part of our SQF Practitioner Training Program. Our new course called Implementing SQF: Approved Supplier Program is now available and conveniently self-paced so you can complete the training on your own schedule.

Take the Approved Supplier Program Course

In this course, we’ll discuss how to prevent and manage the risk of receiving unsafe raw materials or ingredients from suppliers. As supply chains become more complex, the risk of receiving unsafe raw materials or ingredients from your suppliers grows. In fact, this is the leading cause of all recalls. An approved supplier program helps prevent this issue, improving quality, ensuring brand integrity, and helping your site meet food safety requirements. We’ll teach you how to properly implement a robust approved supplier program for goods and services.

This course is currently offered in both English and Spanish.

Benefits of the SQF Implementing: Approved Supplier Program Course

Our goal with this course is to give you a thorough understanding of how to successfully manage an approved supplier program. Through this training you will:

  • Understand the process for effectively selecting, evaluating, approving, and monitoring suppliers of raw materials, ingredients, processing aids, packaging, and services
  • Get insight into how to identify the appropriate documentation and records relative to the approved supplier program
  • Be able to outline the parameters and frequency for verification of raw materials
  • Gain a complete picture of the process for the acceptance of raw materials, ingredients, processing aids, and packaging in an emergency

Take the Approved Supplier Program Course

Get started with this course today and conveniently continue at your own pace. If you’d like to learn more about the other courses in the SQF Practitioner Training Program, click here.

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