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Post-Conference Wrap-up: The 2018 SQF International Conference is in the Books!

November 9, 2018

The 2018 SQF International Conference was a tremendous success! We are excited to report we had over 750 attendees, over 45 sponsors and exhibitors, 20 informative speakers, and an abundance of great workshops!  So now you’re back in the office or work space, all settled in and excited about the information and best practices you’ve learned during the conference…but now what? What do you do with all that information swirling around in your head or scribbled on your iPad? Here are some tips on how to bring that conference experience full circle and share the valuable information you’ve learned with your colleagues and community.

  • Attend our Post Conference Learning Lunch’s in 2019! We received a lot of questions in each session and we plan on continuing the conversation with conference presenters who will share key takeaways from some highly attended sessions, what to do with the information you learned at the conference, and how to understand and plan for 2019 SQF initiatives.  The Learning Lunches will be beneficial to you whether you attended the conference in Atlanta or were not able to make it.
  • Schedule a brainstorm session with your team.You likely did not bring everyone with you to Atlanta, so now that you’re back…ideally as soon as possible…debrief your team. Visit the SQF Conference app to print the schedule, bring your notes, pull up online presentations from speakers, link or share conference photos.  Share the wealth!
  • Present a conference summary to your colleagues, peers, partners, etc.Just like your co-workers, peers within your local community can benefit from your conference experience.
  • Email, tweet or chat with the speakers.Trust us, it’s okay to talk to them. And by chance, if you ever do run into a speaker who is too busy to return a post-conference tweet or email, then you’re too busy to take their advice.
  • Talk to your new friends.Remember that guy /woman from Chicago/Colorado/Cleveland? Talk to them. Email, tweet, or chat soon after you return. Ask them how they have implemented lessons from the conference.
  • Email everyone.For every card you picked up, email that person within a couple of weeks of getting back to the office. Not only will it force you to remember the person, but it could also lead to some interesting opportunities and partnerships.
  • Create an action item list.Did you love a specific idea or best practice? Transfer the knowledge to an action list, work it into your daily routine or the next department meeting. Don’t let it gather dust in your notebook. Another take on the same idea: create a takeaway list. Pull out the conference directory and check your notes and for each session write down the one takeaway. Create an email and send the list back to yourself in a month. Repeat the inspiration cycle.
  • Come through on those promises.We all make them…”Oh, I will send you that,” “Let me connect you with her,” “I will give him a call.” You really should follow through on any promises made during the conference.
  • Connect through social.The people you met, the speakers, even the people who started following you during the conference. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and talk to them. Don’t forget to also follow us on Twitter @SQFI , LinkedIn , Facebook and YouTube

Register for next year’s conference!

Save the date! November 5-7, 2019 at the JW Marriott, Hill Country Resort & Spa, San Antonio Texas!