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GFSI Global Market Awards…Apply Today! Deadline to Apply is December 14, 2017

November 25, 2017

GFSI is reiterating its Global Markets Awards for a second edition. And they are better and bigger this year! The GFSI 2018 Global Markets Programme Awards will recognize five companies from across the globe, that have leveraged the GFSI Global Markets Programme in an exemplary way on their journey towards a world class food safety system. The awards include travel and attendance at the 2018 Global Food Safety conference and at the discovery tour (to know more about GFSC 2018: https://www.tcgffoodsafety.com/)

Safe food for consumers, everywhere by rewarding food and beverage companies from all over the world!

GFSI’s vision is to provide safe food for consumers, everywhere. As such, Global Markets Programme Awards intent to highlight the food safety journey of companies from all over the world who have used the Global Markets Programme Awards to create an enabling environment for food safety in their organization, their plants, their farms. Therefore, GFSI has created this award which will apply to four different regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Rest of the World. Additionally, GFSI will give a special recognition each year for a company in the country hosting the Global Food Safety Conference. This year, this special recognition will go to a Japanese company who has used the Global Markets Programme to create an enabling environment on food safety, based on the same criteria as the four awards, as GFSC 2018 is taking place in Tokyo from March 5th to 8th 2018.

A new edition with a selection committee!

During the summer a dedicated steering committee made of industry members has worked on new criteria and scoring to launch this new edition of the Global Markets Awards. Members gave a specific attention to the inclusivity of the criteria and scoring to have the most diversify applicants from around the world.

A dedicated selection committee made of food safety personalities and academics from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America will judge the Global Markets Awards. Mike Taylor, former US FDA commissioner is chairing the selection committee.

Show us your food safety journey, your food safety efforts and your food safety improvement by using the Global Markets Programme!

The Global Markets Awards intend to reward the change that a company, a farm, a plant has made by creating an enabling environment on food safety by using the GFSI programme to certification. GFSI wants to reward companies’ engagement all over the world to improve their food safety journey. The GFSI Awards Selection Committee will focus on the size of the steps of the journey that the company has made and the efforts made. Show us how the Global Markets Programme has encouraged and accelerated your food safety journey by providing an enabling environment for safer food!

The awards have seven criteria, five eligibility criteria and two additional criteria. The mandatory eligibility criteria (for the full eligibility criteria description, please see the dedicated table below) specify that a company:

–          is a food and/or beverage company

–          Has an annual revenue below $250 000 000 USD

–          Is on a food safety journey with noticeable developments

–          Has an Food Safety Management System and implementation evidences of this FSMS

–          Has a third-party conformity assessment

The additional criteria are not mandatory and any applicant can be eligible to participate with no additional criteria submitted. Eligibility criteria account for 100 points of the total possible scoring and the additional criteria account for 20 additional points of possible scoring.

To apply and to know in details the awards requirements, https://awards.mygfsi.com/

GFSI is pleased to partner again with greenfence, who is generously sponsoring these significant awards for the second year in a row.

Thank you for your support.