2018 SQF International Conference

Why We Attend.........

Hear what SQF Stakeholders say about the value they get from attending the SQF Conference year upon year.

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SQF Professionals

Oscar Camacho

Independent SQF Food Safety Consultant/Auditor /Trainer, Superior Food Safety

“I’ve been attending the conference since 2009. This is family – I feel so comfortable interacting with other food safety professionals to exchange ideas, and hear about new trends and changes. SQFI has done an outstanding job of bringing together professionals that have a high level of knowledge about food safety. That’s what keeps me coming here”


As an SQF Professional, Oscar will benefit from:

  • Credits towards the continuing education requirements for SQF Professionals*
  • Valuable idea exchanges with other SQF consultants, auditors and trainers
  • Important updates from SQFI on the SQF Food Safety and Quality Codes
  • Career- and business development-enhancing networking opportunities

* Full attendance at the SQF Conference fulfills the 15-hour professional development requirement for SQF Professionals

Our Learning Lab suggestions for Oscar:


Food Manufacturers and Growers

Michelle Anselment

COO, Night Hawk Frozen Foods

“Every year that I’ve been here, I’ve learned something new that keeps me in tune with the industry. The conference helps me stay abreast of industry best practices and changes that are going on. I can’t really imagine going to any other event where so many people with diverse backgrounds all have a common goal of making sure that food is safe and where I can learn new perspectives and ways to do things"

As an SQF Supplier, Michelle will benefit from:

  • Valuable discussions with other suppliers facing similar challenges
  • A list of the top SQF non-conformances and how to avoid them
  • Case studies featuring the new Edition 8 code requirements
  • The opportunity to ask questions and get answers on interpreting Code requirements

Our Learning Lab suggestions for Michelle:

Service Providers and Product Suppliers

James Scherer

Director of Sales, TRI Air Testing

 “SQF is more personal than a lot of the shows we attend. You make a connection with the client. It’s partially the format, where you have collaborative learning and everyone’s here for a common goal. When you mix that with the many networking opportunities, you really are able to form a connection with these clients. That carries through the whole sales process and customer relations…we don’t get that return anywhere else

Holly Dance

Vice President, Prometric

When we come to the SQF Conference it gives us an opportunity to have face time with auditors, retailers and trainers. We can engage in important discussions about what’s challenging them today and be part of an active dialogue to find solutions to both new and old problems. Every time we go to the SQF Conference, we go home with more knowledge and new relationships”

As Food Safety and Food Quality Industry Service Providers, James and Holly will benefit from:

  • Building personal connections with current and prospective clients
  • Engaging in constructive dialogue on food safety challenges facing the industry
  • The opportunity to discuss business solutions to food safety issues
  • A positive, energetic and productive relationship-building environment

Our Learning Lab suggestions for James and Holly:


Michael Roberson

Director of Corporate Quality Assurance, Publix Super Markets, Inc.

The SQF Conference helps me with my professional development needs by bringing me the latest information on food safety and emerging technology and providing an opportunity to share best practices collaboratively with the entire food industry”

As a Retailer, Michael will benefit from:

  • A robust education program addressing key issues on food safety and quality
  • Valuable conversations with other retailers facing similar challenges
  • A collaborative environment focused on solving food safety issues at the retail level

Our Learning Labs suggestions for Michael: