SQF Professionals FAQs

Who is a SQF Professional?
SQF Professionals are individuals who are registered with SQFI as active status Auditor, Technical Reviewer, Consultant, or Trainer.

How do I become an SQF Consultant, Technical Reviewer, Trainer, or Auditor?
Visit our Partners page and select the SQF Professional you would like to become. Take a moment to review the qualifications checklist for each SQF professional. Begin your online application by the use of the application link at the bottom of each Professional’s page.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, contact Exemplar Global for further assistance.

How much does it cost to apply as an SQF Consultant, Trainer, or Auditor?
This actually depends on whether you are applying for the first time as an SQF Professional, or re-applying, or upgrading. A registration fee is payable upon approval of the application for Consultants, Trainers, and Auditors. There is an annual fee payable when the registration is renewed for Consultants, Trainers, and Auditors. There is an additional charge of $100.00 each time an applicant applies for an upgrade, regardless of the number of categories added.

Click here for the most current list of SQF Professional registration fees.

What education course are required to become a SQF Consultant, Trainer or Auditor?
If you wish to register as an SQF consultant or trainer you will need to take the Implementing the SQF Systems course and examination. Prospective SQF consultants or trainers must also demonstrate that they have attended a HACCP training course with documentation of completion.

In order to register as an SQF auditor you will need to complete either the SQF Lead Auditor Course or the Auditing SQF Systems course (dependent upon course availability) and examination.

If you wish to register as both an SQF auditor AND consultant and/or trainer you will ONLY need to take the Auditing SQF Systems course and examination.

For more information on the qualifications on how to become an SQF consultant, trainer or auditor visit the SQF Professional Criteria page in the Resource Center.

Why must an Auditor be affiliated with a Certification Body?
The SQF Program has many unique features that ensure trust and consistency in the auditing process as well as greater oversight of auditing activities conducted by companies and individuals operating on behalf of the SQF Institute.

Certifying Bodies are entities, licensed by SQFI, that ensure that SQF Auditors are performing audits in a manner consistent with the criteria for Certification Bodies and Auditors that is mandated by SQFI and the SQF Program.

A list of our licensed Certification Bodies can be found here.

Who do I contact to learn the status of my SQF Professional Application?
You can contact Exemplar Global, a third-party Personnel Certification body that manages all SQF Professional applications and annual registrations. You can find out more about your application status by contacting the Exemplar Global Team, support@exemplarglobal.org or visiting their website here.

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