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SQF Code, Ed. 7 Document Downloads

SQF Code

The SQF Code, Ed. 7, is offered free-of-charge in English, Spanish, and Japanese. Select from the below to view the SQF Code in a particular language.

SQF Code Audit Checklist

A self-assessment audit checklist per the SQF Ed. 7.2, is currently offered free-of-charge, downloadable in Excel format below.

SQF & U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The SQF Institute contracted with The Acheson Group (TAG) to compare the elements of SQF Level 2 certification (specifically Modules 2 and 11) to the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed Preventive Controls rule. This robust comparison report identifies similarities between the SQF Code at Level 2 and the proposed Preventative Controls rule.

SQF White Papers

Based on the recent comparison report conducted by The Acheson Group (TAG) to compare the elements of SQF Level 2 certification to the requirements of the proposed Preventive Controls rule, “Streamlining Food Safety: Preventive Controls Brings Industry Closer to SQF Certification” white paper poses and discusses the question, “If I am already prepared for FDA’s preventative controls, what more will I need to do to become SQF certified?” and vice versa.

Find out by downloading the white paper below.

SQF Quality Shield & Logo Rules of Use

Based on level of certification, SQF certified Suppliers are granted access to either the SQF Logo or the SQF Quality Shield. Rules of use have been established for both the SQF logo and the SQF Quality Shield and are made available below, per Appendix 3 of the SQF Code, Ed. 7.

SQF Guidance Documents

The SQF Institute provides updates to expand on the meaning of the SQF Code, and provide further guidance on the important issues addressed in the SQF Code. The management of allergens is covered in the 7th Edition of the SQF Code in Module 2, section 2.8.2. In this update, SQFI addresses allergen management, with particular emphasis on cleaning and sanitation practices for allergen control.

Storage and Distribution of Food Products.