Planning Committee

Michelle Anselment
COO, Night Hawk Frozen Foods

Nancy Berger
Business Development Manager, EAGLE Certification Group

Amanda Bond-Thorley
Director, Education, Food Marketing Institute

Lynn M. Buck
Food Safety Specialist , Mother Murphys Laboratories, Inc.

LeAnn Chuboff
Vice President, Technical Affairs, SQF Institute

Cathy M. Crawford
President-HACCP Consulting Group, HACCP Consulting Group, LLC

Dr. Darin Detwiler
Assistant Dean and Professor, Northeastern University – College of Professional Studies

Ashley Eisenbeiser
Director, Food and Product Safety Programs, Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

Adam Friedlander
Specialist, Food Safety and Technical Services, Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

Robert Garfield
Senior Vice President, SQF Institute

Melody Ge
Head of Compliance, Corvium, Inc.

Kristie Grzywinski
Sr. Technical Manager, SQF Institute

Shalonda Holt
Senior Quality Specialist, ConAgra Brands

Leslie Jones
Marketing Specialist, SQF Institute

Kim Knoll
Business Development Manager, Eurofins Certification

Gwen Lee
Senior Manager, Food Safety Programs

Jeanette Litschewski
Specialist, Technical Affairs, SQF Institute

Robert Maldonado Jr
Director of QA & Food Safety, Northgate/ CNG Markets

Sarah A. Malenich
Director, Sales and Marketing, SQF Institute

Joseph Martin
Manager QRC Audit Services, The Hershey Company

Jennifer L. McCreary
Technical Manager, Training Services, NSF International

David Melton
Corporate Quality Assurance Manager, Daisy Brand

Dr. Hilary Thesmar
SVP, Food Safety Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

Marc Thomas
Director, Meeting Services and Supplier Relations, Food Marketing Institute

Tom Spoden
Certification Manager, Mérieux NutriSciences Certification  

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