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Online Courses

The SQF Institute offers a convenient and effective way to allow SQF suppliers, practitioners, consultants, instructors and auditors to meet food quality standards, learn about the SQF Code, and earn a certificate of attendance.

Implementing SQF Systems Course

The SQF Institute partnered with Alchemy Systems to develop an interactive online course that provides you with a complete understanding of the SQF Code and its requirements.

Aligned with the SQF Code, edition 7.2, and available in English and Spanish, the online course covers the following topics:

  • Preparing to implement an SQF System
  • Implementing an SQF System
  • Developing food quality and food safety plans based on HACCP principles
  • Preparing for the SQF audit and certification
  • Preparing GMPs or GAPs to control hazards, threats, and risks to food safety

The cost for the Implementing SQF Systems online course is $700 US per person and was designed to:

  • Save you time and money – reduce your time away from work and eliminate all travel expenses
  • Work with your schedule – access the course from any computer, at any time within 30 days
  • Provide instant results – print your certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course

Register now to take the online Implementing SQF Systems course by clicking on the link below:

For those who have taken the Implementing SQF Systems online course with Learnsomething prior to July 17, 2012, please contact SQFI for certificate reprints.