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View SQFI Certified Suppliers on the SQF Assessment Database Public Search.

SQFI is currently in the process of migrating to a new Assessment Database system. This system is called ReposiTrak®.

While this is a work in progress, some suppliers have already had their audit conducted in the ReposiTrak® system. Those Certified Suppliers can be viewed on the new public search.

View SQFI Certified Suppliers Certified on the ReposiTrak® Public Search

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SQFI chose ReposiTrak® to provide SQFI Stakeholders with a fast and friendly experience, while allowing access to a broader product safety platform servicing the global food supply chain. ReposiTrak® enables new compliance capabilities and easier registration for your company. Also, SQF and Ethical Sourcing audits are requested from the same platform. ReposiTrak® should also offer an easier auditing system for you and for your auditor.