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SQF Auditor

SQF Auditors are on the front lines of maintaining food quality at growing operations and manufacturing facilities around the world. At the SQF Institute, our reputation is built on the professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness of the Auditors who represent us.

SQF Auditors collect objective evidence to determine that SQF food safety and quality systems are being implemented, to verify that the controls are effective, and to ensure that the entire SQF system is being maintained as required. After the Auditor’s work is done, the Certification Body then evaluates both the results of the audit and the recommendations of the Auditor to determine whether an SQF certificate is issued.

SQF Auditors must be registered by the SQF Institute to carry out audits on behalf of an SQF licensed Certification Body. Auditors must either work for a licensed SQF Certification Body as an employee, or be employed on a sub-contract basis. Auditors upon re-registration must declare a sponsor CB.

Find out more about getting registered as an SQF Auditor, or about training options for becoming an SQF Auditor.

Want to learn how to break into a career in auditing? SQFI and the FMI Foundation offer a host of resources for college students and Veterinary Services professionals seeking a career in food systems auditing.