Webinar with SGS-New SQF Version 8 and Compliance with FSMA Rules

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April 25, 2017
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

New SQF Version 8 and Compliance with FSMA Rules



A new version of SQF was released March 31, 2017. During this webinar you will learn the changes within the version and how it relates with being FSMA compliant.

This webinar will help you understand revisions to SQF V8 and how to implement FSMA requirements in your SQF Food Safety Program

Subjects cover

  • Emphasis on Senior Management: Monthly meetings between Senior Management and the SQF practitioner
  • Greater Environmental Controls: Risk-based Environmental Monitoring Program required for all manufacturing facilities
  • More Robust Approved Supplier Programs
  • New Food Fraud Requirement
    • Requirements for corporate suppliers that are part of the supply chain
    • Provisions for supplier audits
    • Vulnerability assessment, mitigation plan, record review required
  • Clearer Allergen Requirements
  • Separated out to identify the requirements for controlling allergens, training personnel, and labeling>
  • Understand the tools and resources available to assist the food processor to prepare SQF V8 with FSMA compliant certification.
  • FSMA Implementation
    • Risk Assessments
    • Supply Chain Preventive Controls
    • Economically Motivated Food Fraud vs Intentional Adulteration
    • Allergen Requirements


Speakers:  LeAnn Chuboff, Vice President, Technical Affairs

   Jennifer Lott Food Safety & Auditing Technical manager/Senior Safety                                                                                      Auditor